Roxman, a prominent entrepreneur and Telegram ecosystem advocate, has launched two notable projects: Major and Friends Factory. These initiatives have quickly gained attention within the Telegram community. Major, a mini-app designed to enhance user ratings and award Telegram Stars, achieved rapid popularity, amassing 7 million users within five days of its debut. Friends Factory, an economic simulation game, has received substantial support from Pavel Durov, the founder of Telegram.

Major (@major), a unique mini-app that allows users to improve their rating and earn Telegram Stars. The app has quickly gained a substantial user base, with 7 million users joining within five days. It has been recognized for its seamless integration into Telegram, professional design, and straightforward gameplay.

Friends Factory (@Fabrika) is another innovative project that has captured the hearts of Telegram users. This engaging game, reminiscent of popular Facebook and VK games from the early 2010s, is a social and economic simulation where users buy and manage “friends” to climb leaderboards. Friends Factory has attracted a loyal community of players who have come to appreciate its unique blend of strategy, social interaction, and rewarding gameplay.

The turning point for Friends Factory came when Roxman contacted Pavel Durov. After trying the game himself, Durov was impressed and decided to buy and donate the coveted Telegram username @Fabrika to the project, valuing it at a staggering 40,000 TON (roughly $250,000). This gesture of support from the founder of Telegram sent shockwaves through the community, signifying an endorsement of the project’s potential. The acquisition of @Fabrika represents the most expensive username ever purchased by Durov in Telegram’s history.

Both Major and Friends Factory are poised to revolutionize the Telegram ecosystem. The projects are fully verified and are currently integrating blockchain technology, particularly the TON blockchain. Both will launch their own tokens, $MAJOR for Major and $FAB for Friends Factory, allowing players to participate in the projects’ economies in a more meaningful way, earning rewards for their engagement. Within a week, over 70% of the active TON addresses from the past month have been linked to @major.

Roxman, the mastermind behind these phenomenal projects, is a proven innovator with a passion for creating engaging and valuable experiences within the Telegram ecosystem. He is also the co-owner of the popular crypto wallet Fintopio and actively invests in the crypto space. His commitment to the Telegram ecosystem and his dedication to creating engaging experiences have earned his crypto blog a loyal following of over 1.1 million people.

“We’re thrilled with the response we’ve received from the Telegram community,” said Roxman. “Both Major and Friends Factory represent our commitment to delivering innovative and engaging experiences within the Telegram ecosystem. We believe that these projects will not only contribute to the growth of Telegram but also offer new avenues for users to connect, collaborate, and earn rewards.”

As Major and Friends Factory continue to evolve, the team expects those projects to become integral parts of the Telegram ecosystem, attracting millions of new users and opening up exciting possibilities for the future of Telegram gaming and social interaction.

About Major 

Major, a Telegram mini-app, broke every record having captivated over seven million players in just five days. The game seamlessly integrates with the Telegram ecosystem, offering users a compelling reason to embrace its new monetization feature. Major is the brainchild of Roxman, a visionary entrepreneur with a deep understanding of the Telegram platform, who has also founded several successful projects, including Friends Factory, and Fintopio, a crypto wallet with an impressive 8 million users. Major is set to become a leader in the Web3 space with the launch of its native $MAJOR token on the TON blockchain.

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