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Masterblox, a Lisbon-based crypto marketing company, has pledged to bring greater gender parity to the world of web3. Masterblox CEO Isabella Händel is on a mission to highlight the shortage of women working in the industry in a bid to foster greater inclusivity.

It is estimated that 85% of all crypto users and workers are male; Isabella is one of the rare women who’ve made it all the way to the top. The industry is slowly becoming more gender inclusive, however, with female-centric projects like NFT collection World of Women gaining traction.

Not only that, but female talent is being rewarded with leadership positions at an increasing rate. This trend is especially true among the younger demographics, as millennial women are becoming aware of the potential of blockchain technology and the diverse range of employment opportunities it offers.

Isabella Händel is determined to lead by example in the hope that her success with Masterblox will inspire other women to follow suit. Her leadership skills have been fundamental to the success of Masterblox, where she is responsible for ensuring the quality of the company’s services and maintaining its extensive network of contacts and clients.

Isabella has risen to the top of her profession at just 25 years of age. Before joining the blockchain industry, she studied traditional marketing and worked for several large corporations such as Siemens and Volkswagen.

At the outset of the pandemic, Isabella began delving deeper into web3 and studying any relevant material she could get her hands on. She was pleasantly surprised by the lack of gender discrimination, finding the web3 community to be incredibly welcoming of women in general.

In 12 months, Isabella rose to become the CEO at Masterblox. She is now responsible for leading and managing a team of over 30 professionals from different backgrounds, which includes marketers, copywriters, designers, and growth hacking experts.

To help women leave an even deeper imprint within the web3 industry, German-Brazilian Isabella has plans to hire more female talent for Masterblox throughout 2023.

She believes there is plenty of space for women within web3 and that the industry has everything to gain by becoming more gender-neutral. Isabella has extended a call to talented women with experience in crypto and marketing to reach out to Masterblox and take the next step in their career journey.

About Masterblox

Masterblox is a Lisbon-based web3 accelerator. Its work is divided between the foundation, which handles all the connections between VCs, partners and projects, and the labs, where its growth hacking methods and support services are provided to the projects within the acceleration program.

Masterblox’s labs are responsible for assisting countless DeFi and blockchain projects with marketing, market making, copywriting, social media management, and much more.

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