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Will Sweat Economy (SWEAT) Price Hit $0.05 in 2023?

Sweat Economy (SWEAT) price will reach $0.05 by the end of 2023.

Sweat Economy is an Ethereum-based fitness app that rewards users for living a healthy lifestyle. SWEAT is the native token for Sweat Economy.

What is Sweat Economy (SWEAT)?

Sweat Economy can be found on the Ethereum and Near Protocol blockchains. It raised $13 million during its initial coin offering. Sweatcoin was created in 2015 by the current CEO, Oleg Fomengo, Egor Khmelev, and Anton Derlyatka.

Users can earn rewards by putting their SWEAT on the line. A minted SWEAT token entitles the user to premium services, low transaction fees, and the ability to mint more Sweat Economy.

Furthermore, the team plans to integrate the ability to purchase Sweat Economy (SWEAT) with fiat via debit and credit cards. The team also plans to include NFT games on the app. Sweat Economy has over 120 million users and is currently available in about 58 countries.

Sweatcoin holders can now swap or exchange their coins for Sweat Economy (SWEAT). They can also use their tokens to donate to charities on the platform.

Sweat Economy is a fitness app that offers rewards to its users. It is one of the most popular fitness apps in recent years.

Sweat Economy (SWEAT) Current Market Status

According to CoinMarketCap, the maximum supply of Sweat Economy (SWEAT) is unknown, while the circulating supply is 2,049,222,600 SWEAT. SWEAT is currently trading for $0.01243, a 0.79% increase in 24 hours. SWEAR’s trading volume over the last 24 hours has increased by 2.36% to $629,982.40.

Bitfinex, Kucoin,, FTX, and others are among the top cryptocurrency exchanges for trading Sweat Economy (SWEAT).

Now that you know what SWEAT is and where it stands in the market, let’s look at the Sweat Economy (SWEAT) price forecast for 2022.

SWEAT Price Analysis 2022

SWEAT currently ranks 470th on CoinMarketCap. Will changes and improvements within the Sweat Economy community cause the price of SWEAT to rise?

Keltner Channel

SWEAT/USDT 1-Hour Chart (Source: Tradingview)

The Keltner Channel is a technical analysis indicator that measures volatility above and below candlesticks to determine trend direction of a digital asset.

The Keltner Channel signals for Sweat Economy (SWEAT) indicate that the current bullish run may continue. However, because we are in the second half of the channel, we can see a few reversals forming.

However, because the last candlestick is bullish, the current price increase in SWEAT may be sustained before any reversal is anticipated.

Relative Strength Index

SWEAT/USDT 1 Hour Chart (Source: Tradingview)

The Relative Strength Index (RSI) is a technical analysis indicator that determines whether an asset is oversold or overbought by measuring the relative momentum in the magnitude and speed of recent price changes.

Sweat Economy (SWEAT) has an RSI of 51.14 on the 1-hour chart of SWEAT/USDT. This also shows that SWEAT has a neutral trend between 30 and 50.

If more buyers are drawn in by the expected price rise to the overbought region of 70 RSI, the current value could spark a bullish run.

Moving Averages

SWEAT/USDT 1 Hour Chart (Source: Tradingview)

The chart above depicts the 1-hour SWEAT 50-day and 200-day Moving Averages (MA). SWEAT is in a bearish trend, as indicated by its recent uptrend. Because the 50-MA is below the 200-MA, we can conclude that the price is bearish for long-term investors.

Furthermore, because the gap between the moving averages is narrowing and is now above the recently formed candlesticks, the price of Sweat Economy (SWEAT) may experience a significant rise or fall in the future.

Resistance and Support Levels

SWEAT/USDT 1Day Chart (Source: Tradingview)

Within the last 30 days, the price of SWEAT fluctuated between $0.01194 and $0.0257, according to this bullish chart.

SWEAT could break the $0.01531 resistance1 level and move higher to $0.02385 at the resistance3 level and even higher, indicating a bullish signal for 2022.

However, if sellers have their way, SWEAT’s current uptrend position could be dethroned. SWEAT could fall below the $0.01065 support level and even lower in 2022, indicating a bearish trend.

SWEAT Price Prediction 2023

If the SWEAT relative strength index (RSI) reaches 60 by the end of 2022, it indicates that bulls and investors are in for a surprise. This could spill over into the first half of 2023, causing the Sweat Economy (SWEAT) to trade around $0.05 by the end of 2023.

SWEAT Price Prediction 2024

The positive sentiment generated by the news of Bitcoin’s halving could have a direct impact on the price of SWEAT. Because 2024 is a year of Bitcoin halving, and most cryptocurrencies follow the same trend as Bitcoin, the price of SWEAT could be $0.2 by the end of 2024.

Sweat Economy Price Prediction 2025

SWEAT’s price could rise to $0.4 by the end of 2025. This is due to the price increase a year after Bitcoin’s halving. It is. Furthermore, new features will be added to the Sweat Economy platform, allowing users to deposit with fiat and play NFT games.

Bottom Line

As previously stated, SWEAT could reach $0.1 in 2022 and $6.25 by 2030 if investors decide that SWEAT, like Bitcoin and Ethereum, is a good investment.


1. What is Sweat Economy (SWEAT)?

The SWEAT token is a critical component of the Sweat Economy, serving as both a reward token for users and the app’s primary unit of exchange.

2. Where can you purchase Sweat Economy (SWEAT)?

Sweat Economy (SWEAT) is available on a number of cryptocurrency exchanges, including KuCoin, OKX,, Huobi Global, FTX, and Bybit.

3. Will Sweat Economy (SWEAT) reach a new ATH soon?

SWEAT has a high chance of reaching its ATH soon, thanks to ongoing developments and upgrades within the Sweat Economy platform.

4. What is the current all-time high (ATH) of Sweat Economy (SWEAT)?

Sweat Economy (SWEAT) hit a new all-time high (ATH) of $0.091476 on September 14, 2022.

5. Is Sweat Economy (SWEAT) a good investment in 2022?

Sweat Economy (SWEAT) appears to be one of the year’s top-performing cryptocurrencies. SWEAT is considered a good investment in 2022, based on the Sweat Economy’s recorded achievements in the last few months.

6. Can Sweat Economy (SWEAT) reach $0.1?

Sweat Economy (SWEAT) is one of the active cryptocurrencies that is still bullish. Sweat Economy (SWEAT) will soon reach $0.1 if this bullish trend continues.  

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