New York, United State, June 7th, 2023

Breaking barriers in the decentralized cryptocurrency mining sector, WOW EARN announced today the successful closure of its Series A financing round, amassing an impressive $30 million. 

The funding round was led by an esteemed consortium of venture capital firms, including Pinnacle Innovations Capital, Blue Horizon Ventures, Ascendant Growth Partners, Nexus Pioneers Capital, and Quantum Leap Ventures.

The recent financial triumph bolsters WOW EARN’s vision to democratize cryptocurrency mining by rendering it accessible, profitable, and secure. The advanced platform that requires no prerequisite for expensive hardware or specialized knowledge offers up to 13.39% APY and collaborates with Hacken, an industry-leading blockchain security auditor.

WOW EARN is poised to leverage the freshly raised funds to broaden its operations, enhance its platform’s capabilities, and consolidate its community-oriented model. The startup’s unique approach to mining – encompassing liquidity mining, lending mining, and token mining – will be scaled to transform how users earn and use tokens.

The WOW EARN ecosystem is anchored by the multi-chain WOW token, which transparently powers its mining pool, private placement initiative, operational development, and community incentives. 

With its pioneering technology, robust community support, and successful Series A funding, WOW EARN stands on solid ground to continue leading the charge in the evolution of decentralized cryptocurrency mining.


WOW EARN connects users to the blockchain, providing decentralized mining, earning, and trading mechanisms. The startup’s unique mining model allows anyone to participate in the mining process, making it a key player in driving the DeFi ecosystem’s growth.


Yara Georgina