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Zignaly Launches Z-Prime to Open Digital Asset Fund Management to All

Zignaly Launches Z-Prime to Open Digital Asset Fund Management to All

Singapore, Singapore, September 13th, 2023

Social investing marketplace Zignaly is disrupting digital asset fund management with the launch of Z-Prime, a one-of-a-kind technology solution that allows fund managers, community leaders & High Networth Individuals (HNWIs) to operate their own investment management platforms powered by Zignaly.

Zignaly’s mission is to increase financial freedom worldwide, providing access to expert-managed investing capabilities through its flagship profit-sharing product. The launch of Z-Prime takes that a step further. The white-label solution empowers Funds, Fund Managers and Community Leaders to seamlessly offer fund management services to their investors in a controlled environment, with Zignaly handling all back-end services, from technology and accounting to onboarding.

Zignaly’s ecosystem partners have already shown their enthusiastic trust and support of this new endeavor, and three variants of Z-Prime are already up and running: 

Z-Prime intends to be a bespoke solution, with a few broader varieties:

Z-Prime: Best suited for medium-to-large crypto-oriented hedge funds, and all associated ecosystem players (including competitors) who would like to offer the full capabilities of 2/3 Zignaly under their own branding. Users can offer their very own full-fledged platform where they manage clients’ assets while maintaining custody. 

Z-Prime Lite: Best suited for small-sized funds, Traders, KOLs, and private fund managers. This version allows the manager to stay within the existing Zignaly ecosystem, yet gives them the freedom to manage their investors in a private manner, keeping investor churn at minimum. 

Z-Prime VIP: Ideal for High Networth investors (HNWIs) seeking a tailor-made solution. This is a complete bespoke solution allowing HNWIs to get access to the services of Zignaly’s exclusive Z-Prime Partners under a single unified domain. 

Using their Pooled Fund Management approach, Zignaly ensures all Z-Prime users’ clients will receive identical returns, and zero latency while executing orders keeps fund managers and their investors at the very top. Z-Prime will also add immense value directly to the ZIG Coin ecosystem, as a significant portion of the Z-Prime recurring revenue will be allocated to its BuyBack-&-Burn Program.

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About Zignaly

With over 500,000 users globally, the Zignaly platform and marketplace are leading the Social Investing revolution by connecting regular crypto investors with the world’s top, proven expert traders and fund managers in a win/win profit-sharing model. It’s expert-managed, passive crypto investing for the rest of us. 


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