MetaMask wallet approaches 32 million users
7 days ago 1 min read

MetaMask user base reaches nearly 32M, suggesting a potential crypto bull run ahead

As anticipation grows for a crypto market surge, the MetaMask wallet approaches 32 million users, matching its peak from January 2022. As Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) prices rise sharply, the user base of the crypto wallet MetaMask has increased by over 50% in just four months, from 19 million in September 2023 to over 30 million in January 2024. There are similarities between this growth phase and the crypto boom of late 2020, which suggests we could be about to witness another bull run. Leading this trend is MetaMask, which is known for how it manages crypto using a

MetaMask rolls out new feature for seamless fiat-to-crypto transactions
11 months ago 1 min read

MetaMask introduces seamless fiat-to-crypto on-ramp service

MetaMask has announced the launch of a new feature that enables users to buy cryptocurrencies directly from their wallets using fiat currency. The Buy Crypto feature is now part of the Portfolio Dapp, which means users can purchase up to 90 different cryptocurrencies by connecting their MetaMask wallets to local payment methods. According to MetaMask, the new service is available in 189 countries, but there is a limit on the amount users can buy through the service, based on the applicable laws of their region. The feature is also available on its browser app. The Buy Crypto feature currently supports