MetaMask has announced the launch of a new feature that enables users to buy cryptocurrencies directly from their wallets using fiat currency.

The Buy Crypto feature is now part of the Portfolio Dapp, which means users can purchase up to 90 different cryptocurrencies by connecting their MetaMask wallets to local payment methods.

According to MetaMask, the new service is available in 189 countries, but there is a limit on the amount users can buy through the service, based on the applicable laws of their region. The feature is also available on its browser app.

The Buy Crypto feature currently supports eight networks, including Ethereum, Polygon, Optimism, Arbitrum, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche Contract Chain, Fantom, and Celo. For now, fiat payment methods include debit and credit cards, bank transfers, PayPal, and Instant ACH. However, more options will be added soon.

MetaMask aims to provide users with the best quote for purchasing cryptocurrencies. Therefore, the new service offers multiple options to users through different providers. Users can choose the payment method and the price at which they want to buy the cryptocurrency.