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SUI Price Prediction: Limited Supply and Upcoming Coin Releases Could Lead to a Price Pump

SUI crypto is a project that has garnered recent attention in the crypto market

SUI is a project that has garnered recent attention in the crypto market, presenting an intriguing case for technical analysis. In this article, we will delve into the potential future movements of SUI and analyze key factors that may impact its price.

From the limited supply dynamics to upcoming coin releases, we’ll explore the possibilities and highlight significant resistance levels that could influence a price pump. Read on to gain insights into the potential future of SUI.

Limited Supply Dynamics and Influence on Price

One notable aspect of SUI is its limited supply, with only 6% of the maximum possible number of SUI coins currently in circulation.

This limited supply creates an interesting scenario where price manipulation becomes relatively easier, potentially leading to a “pump” in the market.

However, it’s important to consider the impact of increasing coin supply on the price, as dictated by the fundamental law of supply and demand.

As more SUI coins are released into the market, the supply will increase and the price may begin to decline. This is because there will be more coins available for purchase, which will drive down demand. However, if the demand for SUI remains strong, the price may continue to rise even as the supply increases.

Scheduled Coin Releases and Price Impact

The release schedule for additional SUI coins into the market provides a roadmap for analyzing potential price movements. The upcoming coin releases are as follows:

  • Early July: 0.6% increase
  • August: 0.7% increase
  • September: 0.7% increase
  • October: 0.8% increase
  • November: 22% increase

Theoretically, the period before November 2023 presents the highest probability for a price pump in SUI. This is because the supply of SUI will be relatively low during this time, which could lead to increased demand and a higher price.

Resistance Levels and Price Pump Potential

To observe a price pump in SUI, two significant resistance levels need to be overcome. The first is the trend line that has been established over recent months, which currently sits at around $0.90.

Breaking this trend line could signal a positive shift in price momentum. The second resistance level is a strong liquidity zone ranging from $1 to $1.20.

This zone represents an area where users previously bought SUI with the expectation of growth, but the price instead experienced a significant drop. Consequently, traders who wish to break even may actively sell their holdings in this zone.

If SUI can break through these resistance levels, it could lead to a significant price pump. However, it’s important to remember that the crypto market is volatile and anything can happen.

Price Surge Potential and Establishing a Firm Position

Considering these factors, a substantial increase in the SUI price may occur once it establishes a firm position above $1.20. Breaking through this resistance level could indicate a positive shift in market sentiment and potentially lead to a price-pump scenario.


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