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Meta dismantles the team responsible for its artificial intelligence (AI) initiatives

The team responsible for supervising the creation and implementation of Meta's AI initiatives was purportedly dismantled by the social media Meta Logo

The team responsible for supervising the creation and implementation of Meta’s artificial intelligence (AI) initiatives was purportedly dismantled by the social media behemoth.

Reports state that employees of Meta’s responsible AI division have moved into a variety of positions within the business, many of them into the generative AI product division and some of them into the AI infrastructure team.

Meta’s generative AI team was founded in February with the goal of developing products that can emulate human-made words and visuals.

This project is in line with a larger trend in the tech sector, where businesses are heavily funding the development of machine learning to stay up with the quickly developing field of artificial intelligence. Since the AI boom gained traction, Meta and other significant IT companies have been trying to catch up.

Meta’s “year of efficiency,” as described by CEO Mark Zuckerberg in a February earnings call, comes to an end at the same time as the reorganization.

The company has seen a number of changes throughout this time, including redistributions, team mergers, and layoffs.

It is now imperative for business executives to prioritize AI safety, especially as authorities and regulators examine the possible dangers of this cutting-edge technology. An industry group aimed at creating safety guidelines as AI develops was formed in July by Anthropic, Google, Microsoft, and OpenAI.

Team members have been carefully reassigned within Meta, notwithstanding the demise of the accountable AI division.

The business emphasizes continued investment in this vital field and is steadfast in its commitment to promoting the ethical development and application of AI.

Two AI-powered generative models are among the most recent innovations from Meta. Using Meta’s previous Emu model as a foundation, Emu Video can produce video clips from text and image inputs.


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