A large investor has expanded their investment holdings during a period of market instability, purchasing 957.77 billion PEPE tokens and 583.78 billion Shiba Inu tokens, in addition to other meme coins.

They divested $120 million worth of assets from Binance, showcasing a diverse investment approach including 14 distinct cryptocurrencies. Although the market capitalization has decreased by 4.34% to $2.16 trillion as a result of liquidations and a rise in pessimistic mood, several large investors are selling their assets.

One such investor transferred $1,723 BTC, equivalent to $106 million, to Binance within the past 24 hours. Nevertheless, a recently created whale wallet is actively amassing a range of crypto from Binance, specifically focusing on Ethereum (ETH), with a total of 9,425 ETH valued at $30.15 million.

The whale made substantial investments in meme currencies, purchasing 957.77 billion PEPE tokens valued at $9.84 million and 583.78 billion SHIB tokens valued at $9.68 million.