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Big Bitcoin Mining Company Struggles with Finances


Bitmain, the global leader in Bitcoin mining machine manufacturing, has made a surprising announcement. The company has suspended the September salaries of some of its employees due to a lack of positive cash flow.

This unexpected development has raised eyebrows in the cryptocurrency industry and comes on the heels of Bitmain’s recent product launch in Hong Kong, where they unveiled the S21 Bitcoin mining device.

Multiple internal sources have confirmed the authenticity of Bitmain’s announcement, which was made on October 3rd. This move to withhold salaries underscores the financial challenges the company is currently facing.

The timing of this news is noteworthy, as it follows closely after Bitmain’s high-profile conference in Hong Kong. At this event, Bitmain unveiled its latest product, the S21 Bitcoin mining device.

Anticipation had been building within the crypto community for this release, given Bitmain’s pivotal role in the dynamic world of crypto mining.

The cryptocurrency mining sector is currently grappling with historically low hash prices. Hash price essentially represents the expected revenue per petahash per second of a miner’s capacity.

This prolonged downturn is exerting immense pressure on miners worldwide, compelling them to reassess their strategies and adapt to the changing landscape.

As the supply of Bitcoin dwindles, miners confront two critical challenges: finding more sustainable sources of energy and deploying more efficient mining machines.

Bitmain’s recently launched Antminer S21 devices were anticipated to address some of these challenges. These machines were seen as potentially beneficial for miners seeking greater efficiency and sustainability.

However, the financial crisis within the company raises questions about the production and availability of these devices.


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