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BlackRock favors Bitcoin over Ethereum, with limited client interest in other cryptos, says executive

BlackRock favors Bitcoin over Ethereum

BlackRock, a leading investment firm, has shown moderate interest in Ethereum from its clients, with Bitcoin being the predominant preference.

The firm’s head of digital assets, Robert Mitchnick, stated that interest in other crypto is notably lower. Mitchnick also addressed rumors about BlackRock launching an ETF for the memecoin dogwifhat (WIF), admitting he was unfamiliar with the coin.

The recent launch of the Bitcoin Bitcoin Fund (IBIT) marked a significant turn in BlackRock’s approach to digital assets, attracting $15 billion in assets and recognizing persistent client demand for Bitcoin.

BlackRock also ventured into the Ethereum space with its BUIDL fund, focusing on tokenized assets in partnership with Securitize.

This move indicates BlackRock’s interest in exploring blockchain technology’s wider applications, despite Ethereum’s lesser appeal compared to Bitcoin among its clientele.

BlackRock’s digital asset strategy reflects a careful balance, with a strong focus on Bitcoin and a cautious exploration of Ethereum and tokenization.


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