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Crypto losses reach $3.9B in 2022: Immunefi report


Immunefi has released its Crypto Losses in 2022 Report, showing that the cryptocurrency industry lost a total of $3.9 billion in 2022.

The report found that hacks were the main cause of losses, accounting for 95.6% of all losses, with fraud, scams, and rug pulls accounting for only 4.4%.

DeFi platforms were the main target of successful exploits, accounting for 80.5% of losses, while CeFi platforms accounted for 19.5%.

The BNB Chain and Ethereum were the two most targeted chains, accounting for 63.3% of attacks.

In Q4 2022, the industry saw losses of $1.6 billion, with FTX and BNB Chain losing the most at $1.2 billion, or 75.3% of Q4 losses.

DeFi accounted for 57.6% of Q4 losses, while CeFi accounted for 42.4%. The BNB Chain and Ethereum were the most targeted chains in Q4, accounting for 64% of attacks.


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