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Terra Classic price surges as LUNA 2.0 upgrade approaches

Terra Classic sees significant price gains ahead of LUNA 2.0 rollout

Terra Classic (LUNC) is making headlines in the cryptocurrency market as its price continues to rise amidst a market-wide downturn.

The rally is being attributed to the upcoming LUNA 2.0 upgrade, which would bring technological parity to the blockchain platform.

The L1 Joint Task Force, the core developer group of Terra Classic, recently upgraded its rebel-2 testnet to version 2.0.0 with Cosmos SDK v0.45 to improve functionality and support the transition of the Terra Classic mainnet upgrade.

Following this, the project manager submitted a proposal for the Terra Classic core mainnet upgrade to version 2.0.0 after successful L2 compatibility testing.

The upgrade is set to go live on May 17 and will introduce the Cosmos SDK v0.45.13 and Tendermint v34.24 upgrades, allowing the building of decentralized applications on the LUNC blockchain, in line with the roadmap.

The company has also hired a Senior Cosmos Developer, whose focus will be to bring the blockchain to parity through the Cosmwasm upgrade, as well as advise on the ideal Cosmos SDK upgrade roadmap for future upgrades.


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