, a wealth distribution firm, has introduced Proof of You (PoY) AI Tokens, which are the first-ever AI tokens that are free for life.

The program seeks to equalize access to digital assets and actualize Universal Basic Income (UBI) for all individuals, irrespective of their economic standing.

The objective of is to remove obstacles for individuals to participate in the digital asset industry by providing PoY AI Tokens at no cost.

PoY AI Tokens leverage AI and blockchain technologies to create individualized AI tokens for every user. Users residing in specific countries will be able to obtain the complimentary tokens, with the anticipation that these tokens will become available for general trading in the near future.

In addition, the platform will provide supplementary features such as games, films, and upcoming digital assets such as coupons. is offering a special advantage to its first 1 million users: lifelong access to PoY AI Tokens, in addition to the initial free distribution.

These individuals will be granted a monthly allocation of 12 complimentary PoY AI Tokens for the duration of 60 years, thereby facilitating the establishment of a digital Universal Basic Income. The corporation is actively promoting the widespread usage of the app on a global scale through a series of future events. holds the belief that it is important for everyone to have the opportunity to participate in the digital economy. By offering free PoY AI Tokens for life, they are removing financial obstacles and creating new possibilities for millions of people.