Usual Labs, the pioneering company behind the USD0 stablecoin, has announced its public pre-launch phase. Following a successful private launch, Usual Labs secured $75 million in Total Value Locked (TVL) commitments from over 180 prominent DeFi leaders and investors within a month. USUAL stands as a secure, transparent, and decentralized Tether that redistributing ownership and value through the USUAL token.

As a Real World Assets (RWA) infrastructure, it aggregates RWA and bridges it with DeFi liquidity, ensuring RWA composability and integration within DeFi. USUAL’s design guarantees safety, transparency, and verifiability, offering infinite scalability.

The USD0 stablecoin is set to challenge industry giants and establish itself as the leading DeFi-native stablecoin, offering users a secure, community-owned alternative to traditional financial systems.

The successful private launch and substantial TVL commitments from web3 space leaders demonstrate the industry’s growing confidence in Usual’s potential to revolutionize the financial landscape and challenge key pain points.

Usual Labs is excited to advance towards its public launch in Q4 2024, inviting the broader community to join and participate in reshaping the future of finance. The public pre-launch phase will last for four months, giving participants the opportunity to be part of the airdrop scheduled for Q4 2024.

As Usual Labs moves forward with its public pre-launch, the company remains focused on fostering a transparent dialogue with its community and empowering users to actively shape the future of finance. The team is committed to continuously refining the protocol based on user feedback and ensuring a seamless experience for all participants.