Japan revises its rules on digital salaries but excludes crypto

Japan doesn't allow salaries in crypto

Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare has approved a change to its Labor Standards Act that prohibits the use of virtual currencies in digital salary payments. The revised rules will go into effect in April 2023.

The revision of the rules focuses on digital salary payments. It specifically allows wages to be paid into the accounts of money transfer service providers.

If certain conditions are met, this includes forex services. Because of the spread of “cashless payments and the diversification of remittance services” in the country, the government revised the law.

However, crypto assets are not included in the rule change. Salaries cannot be transferred in cryptocurrency to fund transfer companies. Only currencies that can be converted directly into cash can be used.

This isn’t an outright ban on using cryptocurrency to pay your salary in Japan. The country may change the rules in the future, perhaps when the crypto market is more regulated. Meanwhile, other countries are using cryptocurrency to pay their employees.


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