Western Union and Paypal both registered trademarks with the US Patent and Trademark Office to offer services in the metaverse.

Western Union, a financial services company, and PayPal Inc., an online payment system, both filed metaverse trademark applications with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

PayPal submitted three trademark applications with the USPTO on October 18 that cover “PAYPAL and its Ps Logo.” PayPal’s USPTO-licensed trademark attorney, Mike Kondoudis disclosed the contents of PayPal’s registrations on Twitter.

According to a section from PayPal’s trademark application, the trademark covers “downloadable software for sending, receiving, accepting, buying, selling, storing, transmitting, trading, and exchanging digital currency, virtual currency, cryptocurrency, stablecoins, digital and blockchain assets, digitized assets, digital tokens, crypto tokens, and utility tokens.”

Following PayPal’s trademark submission, Kondoudis said on Twitter that Western Union had submitted three trademark applications.

Western Union’s trademark applications encompass a wide range of industries, including finance, banking, insurance, virtual currency exchange and transfer, commodity and crypto trading, brokerage, and the issuance of value tokens, to mention a few.

Companies filing for trademarks in crypto and the metaverse appear to be a trend. Formula One, a vehicle racing event organizer, submitted eight trademark applications with the USPTO in the first few days of the prior month.