South Korea issues metaverse ethical guidelines

South Korea Metaverse rules

At a ministerial meeting on November 28, South Korea’s Ministry of Science and ICT issued a guideline of core ethical principles for metaverse application participants, which includes users and developers.

According to the science ministry, its metaverse guidelines are based on three core values: genuine identity, safe experience, and long-term prosperity.

To support its core values, the guidelines identify eight principles: authenticity, autonomy, reciprocity, respect for privacy, fairness, data protection, inclusiveness, and future responsibility.

Although the guidelines are not legally binding, the science ministry encouraged metaverse participants to consult them.

According to the science ministry, various issues have arisen in South Korea’s metaverse, such as the distribution of indecent content to minors.

South Korea has reported several cases of minors engaging in sexual harassment or abuse in metaverses.

South Korean lawmakers have proposed a number of changes to existing sexual crime laws in order to include penalties for sexual misconduct between virtual avatars.


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